Monday, 20 October 2014

Hang Em High

Hello people.

Wednesday night was yet another quality session of Star Wars EotE love. This time out a few adventure threads came together, a kind of noose type way.

Following on from last time out it was time to roll initiative as events warmed up. This in itself was an event as though each player makes a separate roll to establish an order relevant to the NPCs the players who takes which slot each round. Thus there's an element of cooperative management.
On this occasion the lads couldn't decide on a coordinated plan. 7s and Sin in particular held the opposed views of negotiation and shooting first. I'll leave you to work out the relative camps.

As a result I had the lads hold their individual results with the ability to with old their action. As such 7s acted first and attempted to make first contact with the Grey suited handover team. Meanwhile the Black suited combat team of four entered via all three bulkheads with lots of verbal including "get down" and "cover the droid". Anyone making a decent Perception check realised that they were zeroed in on 7s but not aiming at him.

Once he had the chance Sin blasted one of the Greys who lunged for the data slates on the floor despite his slightly ventilated state. He did manage to return the favour while his mate took cover behind him.
Meanwhile Perit took missed a Black with a stun dart to the neck, Tanner dived for the slates and 7s.....waved his arms about in the air. Whilst the boys in Black kept up with the shouted commands it became clear that they'd been sent in to recall Team Zeta, the lads, and had somehow tracked them in.....via 7s! 

The main catalyst for the firefight that followed, other than Sindori, was the arrival, with a brief burst of dark light, of a swirling cloaked figure shooting stun bolts from their hands. 7s happily made the connection back to the dead tramp in the alley while others tried to do something about it.
Meanwhile Agenai legged it along a tunnel. 

Through a storm of chod dice Sindori fired at everyone, mainly missing, Perit dropped the Black CO, Tanner wrestled for the data slates and 7s.....waved his arms about in the air. Meanwhile the Blacks had a go at Mr Cloak ineffectually until Sin shot one of their number to get some back. 

Meanwhile Agenai legged it along a tunnel. 

By the time Agenai turned up for the party two Black and a Grey were down and out while Sin and Perit were to ventilate Mr Cloak who was doing his best to grab the slates but making hard work of it.

In a final flurry of fire Perit found unconsciousness via stun-bolt while Mr Cloak threw the remaining Grey through the bulkhead door to follow himself. The boys were left with the remaining two Blacks and a variety of health levels. Trotting over to treat Perit 7s gleefully opened up his med-kit to find half of it taken up by a tracker. It really was that simple!

And thusly a Temporal Distortion (bed time) brought the session to a close with a potential tunnel chase in the offing.

I had thought we'd get a bit further but as discussed previously the narrative effect of the dice can slow things down a touch, though it's a price well worth paying!

Until next time Dungeoners,...don't have Knightmares!! ;)

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  1. Agenai ran along a dark varying speeds dependant on generosity of dice rolls...