Sunday, 12 October 2014

Orktober Prt II and the Weekend Workbench

Hello people,

I've had a particularly lazy weekend and it's been great. I have managed some hobby stuff, primarily organisational , as a backwater to last week's Commando Bonus Points.  With a major project moving to conclusion I've decided to finish off a few of those peripheral projects that have been knocking around for a while.

First up is my Orctober project. I've always fancied painting up one of the Black Reach Orc Warlords but stretched for a valid reason. As the idea of Orctober is to do something vaguely meaningful these guys have had a number of Kromlech's bionik arms grafted onto them and are likely to appear in a sci-fi roleplay campaign not a million miles away sometime soon.
This afternoon I've also put together another dozen pin markers for my Commandos, don't want to loose momentum, as well as prepping the Gates of Antares Hansa and Boromite Leader figures to join the ultra-modern / low sci-fi gang that has been sat on the painting tray for the last few months now.

I've also decided to go full Manganese pirate with my Scum & Villainy re-paints, starting with Firespray. Bone and crimson with a bit of black edging. Ork checks and dags with a few bits of Tau text. Probably a suck it and see thing.
On that note MrC dropped in Sat afternoon for a few games of X-Wing, mainly as he'd recently picked up his copy of Rebel Aces and was looking to give them a run out. I was more than happy with that as I wanted to try out a couple of Firespray lists I've been playing around with.

Reading a thread about using B-Wings as close-range brawlers I was thinking the same for Firesprays running Kath Scarlett with TIE Interceptor support. I'd also had a go at a twin Firepray list with Kath supported by a longer range Heavy Laser Cannon variant. MrC suggested I try the twin list, which three games later was proved not to work.

A further game later the following worked much, much better;

Sisters of Mercy;
Firespray - Kath Scarlett - Predator - Mara Jade
TIE Interceptor - Alpha Squadron
TIE Interceptor - Alpha Squadron
TIE Interceptor - Alpha Squadron

I've also finished reading GoT: A Storm of Shields and caught up on 2000AD.

Pretty decent weekend :]

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