Monday, 13 October 2014

Winter is Coming

Hello people,

As mentioned previously I've recently finished reading the second Game of Thrones offering A Clash of Kings, which at seven hundred odd pages feels like something of a less than my minor achievement. 

I have to admit this was my second attempt. The first time round I struggled to find time but having made the effort to do so this time round let me get properly into it and then I was having trouble putting it down.

Browsing Amazon a little while ago to ensure that part three ran on seamlessly with, should I wish to do so I stumbled across Metro 2033 which is about near-future post-apocalyptic survivors fighting to exist in the Moscow Metro.
This ticks many boxes for me; near future, post-apocalyptic,  Soviet and potentially plunderable for EotE story-lines.

As I'm also a big fan of similarly themed first-person shooters I also picked up the X Box 360 game. The X Box hasn't seen too much gaming time recently in favour of the brushes but I could do with a little variation at the moment. As with my reading I do often look to flick between genres to keep things fresh.

In both cases I'm kind of experiencing the lull before the storm with various Dreadball and Heroquest KSs due at the end of the year along with Farcry 4 which will be a rare full price "investment".

Winter is coming but hasn't arrived just yet!

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