Thursday, 6 November 2014

Long Weekend Update #1

Hello people,

Once I finally managed to crawl out of my pit yesterday I did actually get round to some time with the brushes.

First up were my STAW Dominion Battleship, Battle-Cruiser and Patrol Ship basically because they were half done and giving me sideways looks from the painting station so I felt the "need" to clear the decks before moving on! Going for mean and moody I kept the palette limited with bright contrast "nacelle" areas which will get a bit of gloss varnish to finish. Blues with a wash of Drakenhof Nightshade seemed appropriate.

Moving onto the main event I unleashed my cunning plan, i.e. a quick way to paint my fighters into the bone and crimson scheme I've decided upon. I want to have them as a co-ordinated force along with the Firespray as splinter faction under an Independent Moff turned to near piracy in his local space-lanes. All of this feeds into the theory of having a limited Imperial faction against my major Scum "investment" but we'll see how that one goes.

Having spent a lot of time and effort painting the Firespray upto Dheneb Stone from a black undercoat it occurred that I could undercoat white, wash mid-brown and work from there. Agrax Earthshade did the job particularly well and really brought out the impressive level of detail of the sculpts which I'm sure will help as I go providing a level of pre-shading to work from.

The Firespray also got a little bit of love as I brought the red panels up a touch and started laying out the hatching. I'd been a bit nervous about that as freehanding isn't my strongest suit but it all came along very nicely and now that all the lines are in I'm feeling much happier about it :)

So today is poised for the back of the project to be broken. I know what I'm painting in what schemes and how!

Meanwhile, as a further distraction, I've recently noticed the upcoming Fallen Frontiers KickStarter. Flicking through the photos on their Facebook Page this is definitely how I like my Sci-Fi, I can't tell you just how much I LUST over these figures......oh dear ;]

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