Wednesday, 5 November 2014

The Weekend Starts Here

Hello people,

In short I have the rest of the week off work and intend to engage in a glut of Star Wars nerdism :)

It's EotE tonight and I've set myself the goal of having my fledgling fleet of Firespray, TIEs (Fighter, Defender and Phantom) and HWK 290 repainted by the time I return to the grindstone. Work on the Firespray has been relatively slow but I have a cunning plan.....
Meanwhile that Friday feeling was delivered three days early with the help of Jon down at Enfield Gamers last night as we pitched our recent W-Wing purchases at each other. I went with an elite Heavy Laser Cannon list featuring Bobba and Rexler Brath while Jon showed me how useful a pair of Ion Turreted HWKs could be.

Between us we took our time and made plenty of mistakes, none of which were a problem. Jon has a reputation for notoriously poor dice but I soon claimed that crown as I couldn't roll evades, especially against Ion fire, to save my life. I did however finish off the A-Wing with a particuarly cinematic Seismic Charge :)

I did manage to claim a very close game as the final HWK, with one Hull remaining, faced down Bobba, with two Hull remaining, for my dice to finally come to life on the final pass. Plenty learnt on both sides and lists to be tweaked.

As I await Scum & Villainy to appear Santa's list is likely to include some Interceptors, Imperial Aces and a Decimator....... ;)

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