Thursday, 20 November 2014

From Despair to where?

Hello people,

Wednesday night was another dose of Edge of the Empire hilarity with an awful lot happening to, seemingly, not get very far at all. All good fun though so no worries!

Picking up from last time out the lads found themselves stood in Gonk's Covert Emporium of Smuggling with several live issues outstanding;
1. The escape of Mr Cloak
2. The four dozing Men in Black
3. The two no longer breathing Men in Grey
4. The remote link back to Gonk's office at Grey 17

So the main priority instantly became thieving everything of value in sight, including the YT-2400.....OBVIOUSLY!!

Tanner went back through the cargo bay inventory sending Perit and Sin a list of crates to go and find. He then brushed Agenai, and his continuing failure to open up the YT, and sliced open a maintenance hatch for him. Climbing inside Agenai quickly felt at home establishing that she had been converted into a full on smuggling craft. Most of the crew quarters had been converted over to extra storage, including a strongroom, with the escape pod chute converted into a well used cargo-cannon.
Rough and ready the crew quarters that were left resembled a Romanian squat with bunks and robustly basic facilities. Moving through to the cockpit the innards showed plenty of wear and quick patch repairs with even the secondary escape out of order. Settling into the well worn pilots seat even the cockpit was a mash-up of various different system upgraded piecemeal. Most importantly....NO HYPERDRIVE!

Meanwhile Perit and Sin had been loading crates from the cargo bay onto a hover palette whilst having a random dig around for whatever caught their eye. Perit came up with some survivalist gear and a pair of top end pressure suits. Sin stumbled across a cranky Mynock which did a reasonable job of beating him around the head before it's head vaporised courtesy of Sin's blaster rifle.

Picking up a big lump of Threat while he was at it I jokingly fanned my recently acquired Adversary Deck asking him to "pick a card". Mr C jumped in and did so for him drawing a Pirate Crew Minion, which fitted the bill and suddenly stirred from his sleep behind his crate, ragged pressure suit and half face helm leaving him looking like a wracked man. Instantly naming the vaped Mynock Polly Sin got the jump on Pirate Pete who soon joined his pet leaving Sin to poke around his shack of crates complete with remote terminal, primus stove and Mynock snacks!
7s meanwhile had been "helping" around the place to minimal effect and then checked the cargo bay inventory instantly jubilant as he discovered a crate of medical supplies. Trotting across the hanger bay he happened to passing the back of the YT as Agenai started her up.......with a the engines at full power with a huge back-blast and threatening to rip the ship from its legs currently locked to the hanger floor!

 While 7s entered the cargo bay airborne Agenai produced a Triumph to realise that he had to either launch or dump the engines. Messing up either would be BAD!! A Triumph later saw disaster averted but a number of klaxon arms kicking off along with the Pirate Pete's screen flickering into life filled with a large piggy face!

Legging it into the YT Agenai took this opportunity to repeatedly stalling it giving Gonk the opportunity to remote into the Traffic Control system and shoot them with the reverse-polarity disruptor to polarise the hull thus tracking their flight-path! Oh the delicious irony :)
Parking up behind a vaguely orbiting asteroid Tanner had a decent go at de-polarising the hull and then set to work on the strongroom. Popping that it was clearly the only decent bit of tech on the boat given its quasi stasis capabilities and moody lighting. Held within were two stasis crates, a fascinating challenge for Tanner, which a few Triumphs later gave up its secrets.

The first contained half a dozen IV bags containing a greenish sparkly liquid and a number of shrink wrapped organs. Between Perit and 7s they established that the IV liquids are synthetic while the organs were unidentified and either very cleanly extracted or grown. The second crate held two fairly emaciated limbs. an arm and a leg, both heavily integrated with advanced bionics.

At this point all the conspiracy theories came out as various incidents and bits of partial knowledge were offered up to each other. 7s repeatedly asked what they were going to tell Chung when they reported back to HI-HI, which was roundly challenged by Sin.

So a relative trail of destruction in their wake and a number of options before. Plenty of both Triumphs and Despairs had made for a very interesting evening! Next week looks good already! :)

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