Monday, 17 November 2014

Here Endeth the SAGA

Hello people,

A bits and pieces weekend with the brush as I initiated my campaign on the Current Projects Tray (CPT). Sidestepping the 40 odd bare shouldered Commandos I went after the weaker members of the herd.

First up were the remaining SAGA Fatigue counters. I'd finished a few of the skull piles some time ago so sorted out the dropped shields with some generic Dark Age designs and stuck on a bit of flock. As is so often the case I moved back and forth between these and the Cave Troll, who has always been one of my favourite figures. Just highlights required I took my time with the soft flesh, as compared to the hide, which has never been one of my strengths!

Anyway, that's everything for SAGA finished up....must pick up the rules and dice at some point!
Floating around the edged of the painting station has also been a K'Tinga (OP Prize) and an accidentally purchased Kraxon (I actually meant to pick up a Gor Portas for the Breen Aide). Kraxon #3 got a standard paintjob while I decided to go with something different for K'Tinga / D7 #5. Taking inspiration from recent TIE Phantom repaints I had a go at doing a cloaked variant! Happy enough with both.
Couldn't get a clear shot of the Kraxon for some but you've seen it before! So 2 PPs for the Fatigue markers, 5 for the Cave Troll and 1 each for the K'Tinga and Kraxon makes 9 more on the month! As a reward it's more X-Wing at the club tomorrow night and then EotE Wednesday so the itch will be scratched.

Progress! :)


  1. Nice variety. Helps keep the momentum perhaps. Great job on the troll skin transition. That's a tricky one.

  2. Cheers Kiwi, amazing what a bit of patience can achieve!