Friday, 14 November 2014

What next?


With the recent X-Wing repaints snuggled in thier recently acquired KR case I've reached something of a hobby crossroads as I decide "What next?"

It's fair to say that X-Wing is spooling up big time for me and is likely to be my main focus for some time to come. However I'm happy to leave my wishlist for Santa while I wait for Scum & Villainy, which may be a while! So as much as I have a current projects list at the top right of this blog it seems fitting to get back to them and not just for the sake of completion!

Indulging in a rare pre-order of Farcry 4 I'm sure Amazon originally advertised delivery today, and was going to be a major focus of the weekend, but now it's Tuesday. Not the end of the world really,  even if I am sulking slightly!
So back to the WIP tray I go and it occurs that this should be the opportunity to sort out the shoulder patch transfers for the Commandos. I also need to finish the pin markers and sort out some smoke templates. For further housekeeping there's some SAGA  Fatigue markers and more entertainingly the Cave Troll to finish off.

In summary it's that post project blues syndrome with the expectation of Dreadball, Heroquest and my ravening X-Wing crack habit (I can be honest about it at least!). To keep the jitters at bay I've been researching and playing around with a number of Firespray lists finding some useful threads HERE, HERE and HERE.
With the KR case I actually had to really work out what trays I wanted rather than get strong armed into an uncustomisable "custom set". For those who might find it useful the fighter trays (XW3) are great, and half case depth, as well as the lesser known dials tray (N2H), half case depth, which are far more flexible for anyone with even basic scissor skills.

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