Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Flight of the Boba-Gator

Hello people,

Last night I joyously mainlined some X-Wing hobby crack as myself and Jon did battle down at Enfield Gamers ahead of the Charity X-Wing event we're running on Sat Dec 13th.
Having trawled the net and swapped a few posts on A Few Manoeuvres I had a further refined Boba list to try out;

Boba: Predator - Seismic Charges - Engine Upgrade - Navigator
Echo: Veteran Instincts - Fire Control System - Advanced Cloaking Device
Acadamy TIE 

The whole idea was to max out manoeuvrability to reduce the fire received and use the rear fire arc whenever possible. It turns out that I could also run away pretty quickly when required!

Like anything it's all well and good having plenty of manoeuvre options unless you know how to use them. As such Game 1 was a "learning experience" which also featured the good grace of my opponent, Jon, as I bumbled my way through to victory curtousy of our respective dice.
Game 2 I put my learning into practice and guilt winced my way through as the dice Gods continued thier one sided benevolence :{ The ablative Acadamy chap even did his job AND survived!

So a fair bit learnt and a list I rather like, though only on the evidence of two dice decided games. Navigator felt like a bit of a safety net and could well find itself redundant with experience but for the moment the  training wheels stay on.
 I think Jon might like to play someone else's dice next week!

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