Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Rat Run

Hello people,

A bit of double bubble as I combine the last couple of sessions of EotE given that, to be honest, not too much happened first time round session before before, the chaps were left at the scene of their firefight with two Men in Black still standing with Mr Cloak having exited stage left throwing the remaining Man in Grey through the bulkhead door before him.
The Men in Black were looking spooked and continuing to give cease and desist instructions before a combination of stun darts, bolts and grenade had them dozing like babes.

At this point 7s rushed in to realise that he couldn't do much for the slumbering Perit so set about trying to loot the various unconscious forms, failing baldy though it's okay as he's a doctor! Tanner meanwhile checked over the tracker that had been is 7s medkit while Sin and Agenai chased Mr Cloak, with varying degrees of enthusiasm!
Rat Run prt I - the session before
Poking round one corner in the darkness Sin spotted the last Man in shot him, not to stun, to the floor and chased on after Mr Cloak with Agenai covering his rear....tripping over the bodies along the way! Catching up with Mr Cloak as he was stopped at a heavy bulkhead door Sin had the better of an exchange of fire as Cloaky stepped through. Establishing that the door was freshly locked even Sin felt the need for discretion and called up the rest of the boys.

With Perit now conscious the boys lined up while Tanner did his thing with the bulkhead door which bent over backwards to be helpful letting him know of the far lower air pressure behind it. Popping the door everyone sealed up their pressure suits and ventured in to a set of rough tunnels crudely braced with a vague bit of deck plating. 

Tracking a number of recent boot-prints across the frosty floor left the lads to a couple more bulkhead doors..........and the end of that evening's entertainments!
Re-assembling last week part II kicked off as Tanner hacked the first door they'd come to and identifying the blinking lights of a computer bank hurried in to find a high end double workstation with a pair of excellent wheely chairs only missing a massage function and beer fridge. Happily settling in Tanner identified a number of separate systems including traffic control surmising that there was likely to be some form of hanger the other side of his electronically tinted windows.
Lost in his banks of flashing lights Tanner eventually opened what turned out to be a mini airlock, with a hint of further decompression, to reveal a stack of ubiquitous cargo crates stacked in a poorly lit area. Sin took the hint and stealthed his way in to reveal a good sized hanger cut from the rock inhabited by a bashed up YT-2400 and a further, sleeker lump at the far end of the hanger.

Perit and Agenai followed in with Perit making our the sleeker lump as a modified Firespray, that sent his eyes funny looking at it, with a number of bi-pedal shapes moving around. Tanner meanwhile had found the controls for the overhead gantry crane and the rather shonky forcefield controls, keeping the rather thin atmosphere in place, with attendant docking assist tractor beam and disruptor pod. 7s decided it was best to guard the other side of the airlock!
Creeping forward the lads identified three individuals moving back and forth from the Firespray. Perit got a good look through his scope to identify Mr Cloak and a pair of rather chunky cyborgs rolling just enough Threat to kick a can of wingnuts across the hanger floor, simultaneously setting his comm-link to loud-hailer! A fire-fight ensued :)

Mr Cloak was, quite rightly, Public Enemy #1 though in return he returned Perit to unconsciousness and swirled off toward the Firespray with Sindori in hot pursuit. The cyborb brothers made a stomp down the hanger into fire from Agenai and 7s, who suddenly came over all Rambo with his pair of recently acquired blaster carbines. Tanner simply crushed them with the overhead crane!

Sin meanwhile went after Mr Cloak with something of a vengeance, as is his habit, liberally tossing grenades around the place as Cloaky lept into the Firespray and fired up the engines. Once again Sin's dice continued to let him down as the blasts failed to find his man directly despite applying plenty of Stress.
Net 2 success with 3 advantage and a despair......WTF??

Meanwhile Agenai attempted to bypass the locks on the YT-2400 boarding ramp with zero success, even despite 7's incredibly detailed advice. Trying the "old smugglers trick" of popping a maintenance hatch was similarly effective while Agenai noticed that the old girl's escape pods had been somehow modified and reguarly fired!

Elsewhere Tanner was having marginally more success firing up the hanger bay tractor beam / disruptor pod. Making a quick Next Gen cameo he set the tractor beam to stall Mr Cloak's exit and reversing the polarity of the disruptor set it to polarise the Firespray's hull so that it could be tracked via the traffic control system.

And so thusly all of the above came to pass at which point Tanner established the presence of the data-link back to Grey-19 and Gonk. Further research of the flight logs revealed the scope of his covert import/export business and the cargo lift to the rather well stocked cargo bay just below.

Just as the chaps were considering thier various options for theft, double-dealing, betrayal and even just playing it straight, WTF???, the evening drew to a close. I wonder the air supply in those suits are doing?? :)

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