Sunday, 2 June 2013

Back on the Brush

Hello again, another busy week doing real life stuff but I've managed to get in some decent brush-time this weekend making significant process with the DB escarpment, i.e. not quite a mountain :)

This evening I have two offerings for you, both of which were those developed by trial and error paint-schemes where I knew what I was aiming for but needed a few shots before I hit the target.

First up is my freelance coach, the highly regarded Cho-Syn-Wahn. Straight out of my Mantic Day freebie bag the games that day a few of my opponents deployed coaches and showed me their value. Wanting to combine him up with a freelance Cheerleader troupe I've gone for a black and white scheme that will follow through onto the girls. Had to play with the base for a while to get a decent contrast but got there in the end.

Second up is one of my favourite MVPs the almighty Buzzcut. I went for Tohn-Ghaa colours to match my Tongan Orx and with plenty of shirt to play with I'm happy with the detailing I've managed to get into him. Had to hold myself backing from trying too much and I'm happy that he's just the right side of too busy.

So, a lot of work for 4 Painting Points but the Robots are 90% done, I've just got to sort out the numbering but I have a plan for that......tiddlywinks and blu-tack! I also picked up an MDF pitch on an impulse and have started to work it into Tohn-Ghaa and New London WAR-SPs colours.

Until then, keep the Strikes and Slams coming :) 

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