Monday, 17 June 2013

It definately IS Heresy...but I'm not so sure about recanting!

Somewhat belated this one as last Thursday we had another attempt at finishing off the current Dark Heresy mission to consecrate the latest bastion of Imperial worship to the God Emperor .......on several fronts.

Having returned to the Cathedral we prepared for the arrival of the A'Sheen seer otherwise known as the Death Singer.....very cultural I'm sure. This mainly involved reviewing the security in a fairly paranoid manner as the obvious culmination of whatever ancient evil lurked. Highly suspicious of our accompanying seer, Aristicus, we felt sure that an inside job was brewing.

When the good lady arrived we didn't really get the chance to chat as after we ensured her escort was disarmed we were all ushered into the Cathedral for morning prayers. Aristicus initially declined to attend until the Abbot enquired and we dragged him from his bolt-hole, grump and all.
So intent were we on an inside job that the sounds of gunfire from outside almost surprised us as a group of 30 odd A'Sheen rammed their way into the compound with what seemed to be the only half decent vehicle on the planet.

Whilst Lady DS sent her escort into battle Mr C asked for actions. "Bolt the doors and find a fire-point". As has often been the case this wasn't the answer sought.
The Abbot jumped up and down a bit and then rushed out with his retainers.
"Bolt the doors and find a fire-point".
Then there was a group of women and kids stranded in the fire-zone, one of them was ginger and crying for Mum.
"Bolt the doors and find a fire-point".

Charlie relented whilst the rest of us set up on the gallery above the door while a Sapper party, who had obviously watched Helms Deep one to many times, brought up a black powder bomb. Throwing most of what we had at them we slowed their advance, despite poor marksmanship, and even took a couple out.

Having tried Fearful Aura to little effect I concentrated on chucking out as much Spasm as possible with a minor Perils of the Warp check jamming all our guns briefly. Continuing I then managed a major failure wondering with Black Hearted glee what weird and wonderful might kick off.

Rolling big I became possessed and turned into a Daemonhost.....oops!

Mr C who had been gently simmering away also had a mild episode declaring that I could "take a GMs 01 or Aristicus makes a miracle shot from wherever he is and executes you".

Once again buttons had been pushed and I briefly handed over my character sheet until cooler heads suggested that I could spend a Fate Point to re-roll, which instead caused me to Spasm most of the fire-team to the floor!

Eventually seeing the attack off our attackers turned out to a minor A'Sheen tribe from some distance away. We smelled a rat, surely they must have been under the influence of the same ancient evil that we'd been tripping over for days? Regrouping into the cathedral a captive attacker was brought in for questioning at which point Aristicus went a bit spasmodic shouted off a bit and shot Mr Survivor through the head at which point Lady DS denounced everyone as Imperial boot boys , stormed out and rode off with her boys and all of thier gear.......while we all just got to stand there and not do a thing :/

A quick straw-poll amongst the party reinforced our opinions of Aristicus and we decided that it was time to act. Charging up a Spasm I let it go to have little effect on Aristicus but plenty on Mr C......

Cue another heart to heart, the group feel that we are trying to play an investigative game where the scenario won't let us, coupled to a very rigid game system we get frustrated. Mr C feels that we're deliberately being difficult, which possibly we are at times, and gets frustrated. More buttons being punched than a Tomy toy! After a bit of back and forth we made some ground.

Next session is Thursday, so we'll see how much!

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