Sunday, 16 June 2013

Copper Bottomed

Finally a proper bit of painting action as I've finished of my DB Robots.

Once again it was something of a suck it and see paint job especially as I was trying out a couple of new techniques. I wanted a rusty bronze look and fancied trying out some source lighting to go against that. Mr C later pointed out to me that bronze doesn't rust so I added a few boltgun bits which also helped balance the scheme.

Have to admit that I'm not used to painting outside of the lines so the source lughting thing felt wierd and wrong. Going gloss across those sections seemed to help. Let me know what you think.

What I am quite pleased with are the 6mm rubber gromets that, combined with a bit of blu-tack and some number transfers, provide with a interchangeable numbering system that is practical and clean. Pat on back :)

So 13 Bots, including DB-7 Firewall, for 26 Painting Points. Still not settled on a team name, Shado already has dibs on Error 404 which is inspired. Hopefully similar inspiration will STRIKE at some.

Jacks - Front
Jacks - Rear
Strikers - Front & Rear
Gaurds - Front & Rear

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