Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Han Shot First.....again....

....but this time where no one can hear you scream, ...other than over the comm that is!

Last night at Enfield Gamers I had another run out with X-Wing in a four way with Rich, Shado and Mr C (geek housemate) all of whom are experienced players, Shado a Regional Champion no less!

As such I was always going to be on a steep learning curve which is no bad thing with such an intuitive game. Some might say basic, others elegant. Feel free to have a go, preferably with someone elses figures and then choose your own adjective.

Anyway, I had fun and learnt a few of the game's nuances. Nothing earth shattering, mutual support, concentrated firepower etc but a nice game that keeps you thinking thanks to its blind orders and its initiative system.

I do get the feeling that your list could be crucial and spam might occasionally be on the menu, along with some rather blocky formations, but its so damn cool to have Luke and Han on the table that you don't care. Lots of missions out there too once you've had your fill of dog-fights.

Mr C has gone pretty big on it and got a lot back from it too. Personally I won't be investing, as much as anything there's just not the space in my flight pattern, but am happy to play pick up games now that him indoors has enough for me to borrow and play at home, quite keen actually :)

On a sidenote we watch a variety of geek telly taking turns with the remote. Recording as a habit we can each follow our own preferences when the other is out. Mr C has introduced me to Grimm and Arrow successfully where others have failed.

As a point of, sort of, interest I'm cold on Revolution and pick at the plot-holes where I'm far more forgiving of Defiance, other than the cyborg assault early doors. Similar as they are I seem to give Defiance more latitude as its overt Sci-Fi and feel like that lets me smooth over the same type of cracks far easier. I so also like the interaction between the different races, conflict from within rather than from without all the time. Same reason I go for B5, BSG and Deep Space Nine when I can't play nicely with next Gen.

No big thing just something I noticed recently and it helps pad the blog inches much as X-Wing gives me a little bit extra geek to my gaming :)

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