Sunday, 23 June 2013

Confessions of a Dreadball Coach prt VII

Otherwise known as a night of two games...

Rocking up at Enfield Gamers last Tuesday night Rich was running the latest bout of Fantasy Flight's dice-tastic version of Star Wars. Continuing with my tech dude for a bit we finally made our way out to a set off for a set of mines with indentured Twilek workers. Help free the workers and claim a percentage of future profits.....NICE!

My regular DB oppo, Chris, sat in for a bit to learn the novelty of the the weird and wonderful dice but with the vaguley spare Wookie spot being taken by Rob this time out declined the chance to roll or role himself. Once he'd had a taster we both dropped out and set up the DB board.

Initially intending to dig out the Orx and attempt to lay the SLAM-down Chris beat me to it so I went completely the other way and dug the Veermyn for thier first stint of table-time. Part of it was to force myself to play with Skill 5+ strikers to get a bit more insight into thier Z'Zor counterparts.

For the Star Wars action Rich has written it all up on his Star Wars blog.

As expected moving the ball around and getting the ATTEMPTED strikes wasn't too much of a problem, I generally didn't find picking up the ball too difficult and got a decent number of doubles. Actually SCORING strikes was a nightmare as I finally experienced the pain that I've only previously witnessed for my opponents. I often found myself trying to work out if I should go for the 3 point strike with the extra dice rather than the glory of the 4. As an experiment I went for the 4s and it didn't seem to cost me too much but I can see it being a more situational decision.
Away team defense formation

Other things I learnt that maybe I didn't expect;
- Veermyn Strikers are pretty good defenders given a 4 dice 3+ Dodge.
- Veermyn Gaurds are very mobile and can target opposition rear arcs pretty effectively.
- Doubling a steal gets you the ball but not an extra action, remember to hold one back.
- All Veermyn get around the pitch well to assist with threat hexes. Always stack the odds.

Having said all of that the game was extremely low scoring with a total of three successful strikes between us, personally I was 2 from 5, with Chris making another storming run in his last rush, only to miss his strike.....something of a theme really.

Overall, I really enjoyed playing Space-Rats re-affirming my DB affinity with flash rather than smash. Really rather keen to play my next league and / or tourney with them, definately more of a challenge than Corp in a manner that I enjoy immensely.....most of the time :)

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