Thursday, 13 June 2013

Confessions of a Dreadball Coach VI

Found this one hanging around unpublished for some reason, better late than never........

Well I think it's part VI, can't remember who Rocky fought in that one but there you go.

The vague relevance of that particular remark is due to that myself and Chris had another heavyweight dust-up as I went with Z'Zor against his Orx.

As I have a Ludwig figure I proxied him as a Jack to take a book team rather than a make do and mend. Given our previous outing where the teams had been reversed and Chris had declined to field his strikers I was keen to try them out.

Finally pulling a home game I went for an aggressive setup and went for an attempted early slap-down. Very quickly the game polarised around all four Gaurds clubbing each other relatively ineffectively while the Jacks saw to the actual action.

Personally I was pretty happy with this as I had my Gaurd and a Jack tieing up all three Orx Gaurds giving me an extra ball handler.

Not sure quite what good it did me as I had my first experience of Skill 5+ Strikers. Along with some choddy dice they did everything to not win me the game. Running them round was no problem but constantly picking up the ball on one success was an arse along with a mere 50% Strike rate.

In honesty I think average dice would have seen me take the game but it wasn't going that way. I'm not the sort of geek to work out the percentages but was soon left wondering if I was better off with Strikers on 4 dice at 5+ or Jacks on 3 dice at 4+.

To confuse me further, not always that difficult, the tie brake was an extra dice to Dash versus Slide, which I found incredibly useful picking up a 3 point strike.

Chris' Goblins however played like absolute champs doubling pick-ups with ease. I did manage to put a bit of Jack-Slam on them to keep me in the game.

Entering Chris' final rush he had to sort this scrum out, having finally given up on squishing big bug, but produced the Orx / Gobs combined goods to take the game by a point!

Another excellent game which Chris soundly deserved and I enjoyed immensely. I can see Z'Zor as late bloomers in a league and needing advances in a one-dayer. Rather like them to be honest, not sure why but don't care!

Chris does tend to Slam more than I do and taught me a few lessons there too, thinking I need to try that one out a bit more myself.

So good stuff all round and just as well that I've got Buzzcut all done :)


  1. Chances of rolling at least one 5+ on 4D6 = 80%
    Chances of rolling at least two 5+ on 4D6 = 40%

    Chances of rolling at least one 4+ on 3D6 = 86%
    Chances of rolling at least two 4+ on 3D6 = 50%

    Exploding 6s complicates things beyond what I can be bothered to work out. Makes no difference if you only want one success. I guess it favours the 4D6 unit slightly. :)


  2. 'To confuse me further, not always that difficult,'

    - Yeah. Me, too.
    I'm a 'gut feeling' kinda gamer, though, and I always sorta felt that actually knowing and understanding the maths behind my decisions (most of which end up being awful) would maybe take some of the fun out of it.
    Yep...that's what I'm rolling with.

  3. Mr Tunney, grateful for the stats still a very close call and like SinSynn I sort of prefer to go with gut which, when not rumbling away, says that not playing the striker option seems wrong.

    Pick then up an advance and they've got 2 chances on a D6 of +1 Skill which even I can work out is a good thing :)