Thursday, 27 June 2013

Confessions of a Dreadball Coach prt VIII

A bit more DB action as last night at Enfield Gamers as I was schooled by the (in)famous Rich J and his disco dancing Judwan.

Not such a stinging experience as last time the intent was to learn a few techniques against these tourney terrors ahead of the upcoming DB National at TTN on the 27th. I took my Veermyn again and it was stock teams.

Two games, two losses the first a Rush 11 landslide with the second a one pointer where Rich was forced to spend his last two rushes hiding the ball in a disco cage, which felt very much like a moral victory :)

First game I was Home and set-up fairly loose not looking to defend the 3/4 zone and leaving a Gaurd on the bench to go Striker-tastic.

Rich locks out his 3/4 zone as standard and I simply couldn't prize it open early enough and missed the Strike when I did. Playing against a Jud 3 point game mutually appalling luck kept the score down in the early rushes but as Rich stretched away I simply couldn't compete.

Learning points;
- Defend your DB1 hex with Strikers as they're harder to feint.
- If you're going to Slam, Slam early and Slam hard. Take off two Jud and that backline has to open up.

Second game I was Away, went with both Guards and locked out my 3/4 zone thusly.
Speed 3+ and the Gaurd's ability to Slam back put Rich off enough to play for 1 pointers while I went for 2s. At that point it came down to net scoring rate and produced a very tight game.

So close that as I held the final rush of the game Rich ran and hid the ball at his end of the pitch for the last couple of rushes. I had a good go at digging the ball out but didn't quite manage it.

Learning Points;
- Veermyn are the closest team to Judwan in a lot of ways and likely best to take them on.
- Stock Judwan aren't that horrific and with a decent strategy and the rub of the dice can be beaten just as any other team.

Post game chatter was exactly that last point it's the tourney builds of skills and coaches that do the real damage. Using the Season 2 advance table or as one in three of getting +1 Skill while Safe Hands is a DB1 nightmare. A coach allowing the extra action or defence dice is just the icing.

So two defeats to the dreaded Jud without Dive-Caging or bitching just playing them at their own game. I actually ENJOYED playing both games,...fancy that :)...

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