Monday, 24 June 2013

Orange Blancmange!

Last Thursday we FINALLY managed to finish off the current adventure and all without a heart to heart, just a GM safety phrase "Orange Blancmange". Judge us as you will :)

Following on from last time we, the group, took some time to decide what we were going to do next........basically arrest Aristicus, whilst commanding the local Ecclesiarchary to assist, and see if we can get Lady Death-Singer to help us with some Vulcan mind-meld interrogation.

Once again we were heavily questioned by Mr C who was exceedingly uncomfortable with our plan, which simply convinced us of it's veracity. Once again justifying our suspicions we rolled up initiative and got stuck in. After getting Mr C to actually read the relevant rules it was surprisingly simple to grapple our man into unconsciousness whilst the local Ecclesiarchary did a good line in standing about and gawping.

Hurrying after Lady DS we produced an uncharacteristic amount of schmooze to secure her help, though we did spin it as a case of Aristicus under a malign influence rather than just wanting to fill him in a bit. I did go nicking pretty much all of his gucci kit though, depsite actually being allowed a roll, we weren't able to find his Imperial Tarot that I so obviously coveted.

Accepting Lady DS's invitation to sourjon to her encampment we were about to load up Arisiticus when the Abbot finally found his spine and didn't want him going anywhere. At something of an impasse and already feeling somewhat out on a limb we agreed to Lady DS's offer of leaving her A'Sheen hard-arse bodygaurd to keep him company and we set off.

Approaching camp we saw off a flock of overly manky crows a la sho-tgun before our charming host suddenly remembered some evil old bugger known as The Crow-Lord before digging out THE ANCIENT TOME which also mentions that the Cathedral is built on the 10,000 year old site of a battle between Saint Thingy and a Daemon infused bad-lad........shame no-one thought to mention that during the ten year construction project eh..........SIGH!!

Hurrying back to the Cathedral there were a number of vaguely crucified A'Sheen hard-arse bodygaurd on a stick amongst the burning buildings and distinct lack of any yocal. There were however a number of flickering lights and a bit of a high pitched sing-a-long to a heavy baseline coming form the Cathedral.

So no not a White Zombie concert but Aristicus hovering above the altar, with coveted Tarot cards spinning around his head, performing to a glassy eyed crowd of yocals as he provides the conduit for the Daemonic possession of Abbot who's just had his spine re-arranged!

Serves them right fecking gits, THEY'RE allowed to go all Deamonhost when they fancy....but me? NOOOOO, I get shot in the back of the head by Mr Traiterous Seer........Ahem ;)

A bit more Initiative and we get stuck into the Abbot who comes, quite literally, flying through the stained glass at us. I scooted round and tried to take down Aristicus to break the link whilst Charlie took on the role of Daemonic chew-toy while the Sho-tgun Bros went to work.
Proving to be rather heavy going we suddenly "remembered" Lady DS's prophecy about Crow-Boy "He most fears that which he most loves to inflict!"

What the FETH! The adventure on rails finally gets all obscure on our collective ass? A good five to ten and a bit more prompting later we decide to peck the Abbot's eyes out....with shotguns. Cue Daemonic death-scene number 3 whilst the Abbot and Aristicus burn in Warp-fire, YAAAAY!, along with my coveted Tarot, NOOOO!, followed by full party blackout, BOOOO!

Coming round just as a number of rather dark shuttles were unloading Arbites and loading yocals for "decontamination", probably with a heavy flamer, we dusted ourselves off and wondered what had just happened, mainly outside of the adventure itself.

No heart to heart and just the one "Orange Blancmange" is a definite success.
Spotting the inside-job bad-guy from almost the moment we met him feels like far less of one. Seriously, fair enough that this was one of a series of introductory adventures but we now know how the game mechanics work, how to ROLL now and, without trying to be high and mighty, we already know how to ROLE.

Don't get me wrong, we had fun, we generally do, but it would be nice to move on a bit.

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