Sunday, 5 January 2014

The Twelve Days of X-Mas - Day 12

Had a lie in and played footy this afternoon so very little extras before going back to work tomorrow.

On the way home I had 10 minutes spare to pop into GW for a couple of paints........and managed to also pick up Bolg, aka Gundabad Orc General, for my Mordor force. He's finecast.........£15......FIFTEEN QUID!!!
Yes I paid it, once I eventually managed to let go of my card, as much as on the excuse that I haven't experienced Finecast before.......

Digging him out of the packet there were no obvious holes or gaps and the flash came off easily enough. His doubled handed mace was surprisingly soft, somewhat spongy in fact. As such the fit was somewhat "fluid", I needed green stuff to be happy with it. Not quite earnt the price tag just yet, I'll see how he paints but for that price I rather expect him to help out!!

So that's £15 of figures so far for 2014 and £9.50 of paint. Chatting STAW this evening I've noticed Star Wars 1-6 for £18...... ;)

So, a fair result for the 12 days in two completed projects and a bit of prep, about what I would have honestly expected. Meanwhile here's the view from the painting station:

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