Sunday, 19 January 2014

A Good Day to Die

Evening all.

It's been a good 24 hours of gaming with another Firefly session Saturday night before the OP4 ST: Attack Wing event down at TTN which was another sell out event.

Running my Sons of Moggh Klingon fleet I was running two K'Vorts with Worf and Martok plus Gowron in a B'Rel. Goals for the day were to have fun, pick up a win and trial Advance Weapon Systems. Glad to report that success was achieved on all three fronts. As for the games themselves;

First up I was against a two ship Fed Enteprise-B / Excelsior Flagship build with Khan and Picard generating more actions and cards than you could shake a stick at. Even  my opponent had trouble keeping track. I slammed Enterprise hard early on but he side-stepped away and I didn't manage to concentrate properly damaging both but not killing either. I dropped cloaks too early for other actions, red mist, which was something of a mistake. Lesson learned. 0-1.

Second up was against a K'Tinga swarm. Prioritising keeping the cloaks up worked well and proved the difference between two scarily similar fleets. Gowron's B'Rel came in for a lot of attention and died just as quickly as game 1, when it couldn't roll an Evade to save it's life. Quoted to me as a "glass gun" I might need to rethink this one. Big win to go 1-1.

Third up was two Excelsiors with Kirk, Picard and something new to me, Anti-Matter Mines. Managing to clobber Kirk, only for him to cheat death, I was Hyperdrive buzzed within about 2mm to be liberally showered with the Mines which took out my entire fleet on turn 3! Something of a situational one trick pony but it did the job big time for 1-2.

To be honest game 3 almost took the shine off by my opponent was a decent guy and I'm happy that I've learnt a lot from the day. To round out myself, Ian and Mr C played the three-way co-operative Scimitar scenario, twice in fact as the first time round we got smashed!

So, good day, don't even seem to mind that it's Monday tomorrow :)

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