Thursday, 2 January 2014

The Twelve Days of X-Mas - Day 9

Bit of a mild slump today, otherwise known as Red Dead Redemption, and then supply issues have struck.

I HAVE, as well as numbering The Nameless, sorted out a 6 point Mordor SAGA force consisting of three groups of Uruk Hearthgaurd, two groups or Orc Warriors and one of Goblin Levy, which all seems to work well enough. All but the Gobbos have been cleaned up and stuck to bases.

The Gobbos haven't felt the love as I've run out of tuppences to stick them to. I also use the phrase "stuck to bases" as it would seem that my big pot of PVA is hiding somewhere in storage. That would also mean that in 2013 I haven't gravelled a single figure.....that would be a lot of Dreadball (8 teams plus MVPs and extras in fact) and the Dark Heresy figs on clear bases. Hmm....

I was thinking that the Hasslefree Moderns would be mounted on clear bases but was a bit torn. It appears that decision as know been made. I have dug out a few AT-43 exiles but their mates are hiding in an oversize case at the club!

All rather irritating as I was planning to get well stuck into a lot of Mordor browns tomorrow but not the end of the world I'm sure :) Lets build some Moderns before bed-time!!

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