Thursday, 23 January 2014

Hairy Muscle

Evening people,

A couple of evening's gaming and its Thursday which will be the first chance to put the brushes to work this week. The Uruks are calling and its a good idea to pay attention when they do!

Tuesday night at Enfield Gamers Sails of Glory rolled in for a couple of run outs with the basic rule. Card driven in the same way as Wings of War wind direction has a major and expected effect. To be honest the basic rules seem to be pretty much a straight port (ooh er) not that there's anything wrong with that, hopefully the advanced rules add some extra grit and detail.
Last night saw the second session of Star Wars EotE. Last time out was a little slow so it was good to pick up the pace as the boys headed out on enquiries. Unfortunately we were a couple short due to pesky work commitments. Ian's Duros Pilot ended up providing tech-support from the other end of a com-link while Rich's Wookie, the much advertised Hairy Muscle was still having a few "hair-ball" issues after  such a long bacta-soak.

Heading on down to Tinson Town Tech with something actually vaguely approximating a plan the lads first conned some info on the place,  Jared Tinson and Kanto, out of a local tramp before checking out the specials board, including the K-23 telescopic sniper sight, and heading in.

Greeted by Jared the questioning strategy wandered along under the guise of Rob's Gand Big Game Hunter telescopic needs whcih quickly took over. Mr C's protocol droid tried, and failed some outright deception, before going back to an attempted shopping trip on HI-HI's account which quick failed at the hurdle of a cost centre code. Even in a galaxy far far away you must put in the correct requisition form!
Thankfully the Trandoshan Smuggler got things back on track with Jared, his suspicions raised that the lad wasn't quite the full ticket (strangely empathic?) and Kanto's unwitting patsy. Eventually establishing that Kanto had headed "down-below" in the shop speeder, along with it's description and reg number, the chaps set off after him while tasking Ian to check out the traffic reports. Arriving in the roughest neck of the station's woods Ian had turned up a RTA report and a recovery contract awarded to Silas Waste Disposal.

Rocking up at said local beauty spot Trandoshan empathy and general fluffiness only served to rub up the Bothan officer manager entirely the wrong way and induce a pin-drop moment of obvious violent intent. Mr C, 7-UP-0, camply / calmy stepped up with expectations of simply employing his impressive Charm ROLL to the situation. I insisted on a far larger element of ROLE, to modify difficulty, at which he grovelled most impressively and also came up trumps with a Triumph.

At this point Silas himself, a vaguely corpulant Rodian, hauled himself from his seat and calmed things down with a burst of faltulence and a cackle. So impressed was Silas with UP-0s brown tounging he offered up the fact the the RTA was a cover with the Speeder picked up from Ronson Heavy Chemicals. The lads do owe him a favour for another day, but I'm sure that will come up in the fullness of time.

 Rolling up the session with a spectacuarly unsuccessful search of the smashed speeder, Tranny sliced a hand up pretty badly only to have UP-0 deploy his special groinal medical "dispense" at worrying speed, the lads readied themselves to move on to Ronsons. What was warming, as GM, was the (mainly) self generated paranoia levels within the party who were constantly conducting anti-surveillence on thier own shadows.

Come on lads, who do you think you are exactly?? ;p

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