Wednesday, 1 January 2014

The Twelve Days of X-Mas - Days 6 & 7

Merry New Year!! (love that film)

After a less than  productive day Monday I pushed on yesterday to finish my fledgling Klingon fleet which I shall be claiming as a last gasp completed project for 2013. Not sure that there are any others to claim, not too bothered either, as regular additions to Dreadball, my definite game of 2013, stymied that one but there you go.

Not really bothered to review the year more than I already have other than to predict that 2014 will see more skirmish and miniature / hybrid boardgaming with a very definite minimum of figures purchased, though plenty of paint.

Meanwhile here's the fleet, coming to a table near you in 2014 :)
The Neg was pretty much the last off the line. Have to admit that I didn't particularly like the look of  it when I picked it up, big gold lump (who knew Klingons went bling!), but the re-paint has been quite dramatic. Tried to keep things simple and quieter, overall I'm pretty pleased with her.
Similar story with the Vor'Cha twins. Painted them as one with for slight variations in scheme that hopefully is evident without being too loud. Took their lead from the Neg and the trio look good together.
Have to admit that the K'Tinga / D7 models are my favourites and  I continued the retro theme for the K'Tingas, one vaguely Red Baron and the other a touch more subtle. I like them rather too much!

Finally, various obligatory group shots. I can almost hear the Kirk-esque / Klingon action soundtrack in the background. I'm tempted to learn a few choice phrases to utter during games but that seems like a lot of effort for something I can "ad-lib" as and when necessary :)

Otherwise prep and construction today before Sherlock returns!!

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