Saturday, 4 January 2014

The Twelve Days of X-Mas - Days 10 & 11

Evening All,

Well yesterday was somethign of a bust but today has been better. The Mordor SAGA chaps are coming along nicely with the two Orc warrior blocks drybrushed various browns and the dozen Uruk hearthgaurd having recieved thier first wash. I've kept the Uruks simple and close to the movie scheme, though mine have to have green skin.

Otherwise Mr C and I got in a couple of games of STAW playing a couple of the scenarios that come with the various ships.

First up was a field test for a new Romulan cloak on a pair of science vessels. Trying out the Neg with a pair of Vor'Chas I went straight for the small ones ignoring their escorts. It was a fairly close run thing and I crippled my fleet in the process but score one for the ridge-heads.
Next up was the Klingon Assasination mission which gave Mr C the chance to run his Feds. Beaming a pair of brave Klingon warriors down onto the planet they continuously failed to plug Picard as his taxi finally arrived. Thankfully my pair of D7s lasted just long enough for the K'Tinga to pchase down the Defiant and blow it out of the sky.

Running the scenario again Data and Sulu appeared to provide an extra bit of Fed swerve at which point the Defiant clung on to its final Hull Point just long enough to escape to critically damanaged victory!

All in all the scenarios work well and produced three close games. More of the same please!

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