Thursday, 9 January 2014

A Game of Two Tales

Evening all,

Back to the grind for three days and rather looking forward to the weekend and reacquainting myself with the brushes.
An oasis of geekdom I got in a game of Dreadball with Ian last night down at Enfield Gamers. Niffing  of varnish I dug out my Nameless while Ian opted for his beloved Forge Fathers. 

As it was thier first game I took two of each position, Striker, Sticky Guard and Hard Guard to give them an equal run. As the Away team I paired up the Sticky and Hard Guards in anticipation of laying some serious smackdown leaving the Strikers to scuttle about after the ball...except it didn't quite work out that way!

In short my Slam rolls were somewhat poor while the Fathers gave my lads something of an "lesson" which soon saw my injury box packed tighter a tin of John West. The Fathers were going full on with some big assists, Slams in the back and plenty of Stomps involved.
It didn't help that I forgot that Hard Guards have Can't Feel A Thing but it wouldn't have made a lot of difference. I was lucky to be avoiding multiple deaths! What also helped was the Father's total inability to handle ball while the Ref rolls pretty much all went my way.

So around about rush 6 I had a Sticky Guard a Striker left the pitch total, who thankfully manged to scuttle through for a 4 pointer. Speed and Skill 4 left them vulnerable to Gang-Slams but gave them good ball skills.

Around rush 10 the Slam game began to even up a bit as I put both Father Strikers off the pitch and grabbed a 1 pointer to leave Ian chasing the game a bit too hard. Managing to fend off the stumpys, despite a Striker kill a piece, I took the Landslide on the final rush and breathed out hard. It certainly didn't feel like a walkover!

As I'd thought Nameless are something of a combo team, with the ability to both hit hard and move the ball quickly, and refreshingly different to the Jack-tastic Z'Zor and Terratons I've been playing recently. Potentially able to take on most other teams effectively I think they could be vulnerable to specific targeting by Slam teams. I've seen it suggested that you need to target the Sticky Guards but I think it's the Strikers you need to go for.

Having said that next time out ill try a single Sticky, sprinting around to assist, with both Hard Guards and three Strikers. I think they might struggle against Striker spam and maybe the Asterians if they get some good Foul rolls. 

Looking forward to finding out :)

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