Sunday, 26 January 2014

Meat' Back on the (SAGA) Menu

Evening people,

Standard Sunday night "What I painted this week" post as I wrapped up Bolg (Warlord) and the three units of Uruks (Hearthgaurd) for my LOTR SAGA project. That's 26 PPs in the bag for a big tart to the New Year. I kept the Uruks green-skinned but lightened it up for contrast as well as the armour and shields. I wanted to keep Bolg more ugly mo-fo human, the Mordor Orcs will go the same way.

Better photo as I finally found the correct camera charger though I seemed to have slacked lightly with the set-up. I do now prefer a black background rather than white but I know that soaks rather then reflects, will try and experiment a bit.

Next up are the Mordor Orcs (Warriors) and the Hasslefree Moderns for some variation. Feet in both camps to keep the motivation up :)

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