Sunday, 12 January 2014

State of Play

Evening All,

Got a few bits done this weekend mainly STAW as Mr C picked up the club order on Friday, which for me was a pair K'Vorts. These are the real definitive Klingon Birds of Prey for me, they're just super cool and remind me of The Voyage Home which was always one of my favourites.

Game wise I like the whole Sons of Mogh thing and with my OP B'Rel I can run a whole fleet of them. Some good cards in there, including Worf, but no whale storage tank :)

Kind of shows my current focus that I got them Friday night to paint them Saturday (3 PPs) AND get them out on the table as Mr C and I played through the Fed Excelsior mission, which is basically the rescue from Undiscovered Country. Trying out Photon Torpedoes and not cloaking up so much I quickly worked out that neither are a Klingon strength.

The game eventually cam down to me chasing after a souped up Defiant. With Sulu to pump its agility and a turbo-charged warp drive is wasn't too much of a contest though I almost spaced ol' slaphead which is no bad thing!

I also did a bit of work on Bolg, getting him up to washed, and FINALLY picked up some PVA, £3.50 for about half a liter GW!!! Grrrrrr...........

Moving on, I'm away oop Midlands for a training course next week which will limit the geekery somewhat. I shall be taking a stack of Megazines with me to catch up on and  the EotE books, plus notebook, to start coming up with some general fiendishness to unleash at some point.

Bwaaa Ha Ha Haa Ha Haaaaaaaaa Ha :)

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