Saturday, 11 January 2014

Out with the Old, in with the New

Hello people, almost the end of the week and I can hear the brushes calling along with the lure of the Heineken Cup :)

Wednesday night saw the first roleplay session of the year with something both old and new as we tore the seal off the Star Wars EotE campaign that I'll be running.

Old because we've picked up from where the previous group left off, regaining consciousness in bacta tanks after a mission gone badly wrong. New as we've moved from Saga Edition to EotE. 

We've lost Aaron's Ilthorian crime-lord and Jon's horribly pesky Gand force adept(some would say gratefully!) but gained Ryan's Trandoshan smuggler and Rich's Wookie bounty hunter, who should make a fine pair :)
Additionally Rob's scout has morphed slightly from Mon Calamari to Gand Big Game Hunter and Mr C has made the leap from Quarren soldier to Medical Droid colonist.

Last time out the chaps had left the main colonised planet in the system, Khronos, at a rate of knots and headed for the asteroid shadow-station of Persephony. Sent on a salvage mission to earn docking rights everything went horribly wrong resulting in Total Party Unconsciousness.
Regaining said ability inside a number of bacta tanks the boys were introduced to their salvationists, also new employers / masters, Hyabuusa Intergalactic Heavy Industries.

Cautiously emerging from what turned out to be a three month soak paranoia was a bit of a high especially as their new benefactor addressed them through a holo projector whilst helmeted and stony chinned herded them about the place. De-gunked and dressed the next stop was a briefing room for the standard HI-HI indentured worker induction video, at which point they discovered that they've made it back to Persephony, and a quick rendition of the company song.

On it's heels was the chaps first assignment. HI-HI have been contracting a number of "technincal computer" services through Tinson-Town-Tech, a workshop on the light freight deck. Origininally run by the Tinson family it was taken over by a Toydarian, Kanto, after Tinson Snr had an accident with an ore processing, with Tinson Jnr his assistant. Kanto has gone missing and the HI-HI hierachy want him brought into "protective custody".
Settling into the barracks there was something of a montage, in fact a training montage as the chaps picked up some bonus XP, due to their relative reincarnation, chatted with Team Alpha (their designation is Zeta), picked up their kit and picked their bunks.

We did manage to roll some dice and get the narrative juices flowing for those that hadn't had the pleasure previously. Getting the security feeds from the camera near the shop and the occasional security drone the lads picked up a bit of intel but were left with Kanto entering but not leaving the shop three days previously. There was also the discovery of a speeder, registered to the shop, sat out by the rear loading door, not covered by a camera.

A bad roll saw that data corrupted which brought the session to an end at an opportune moment.
All in all a good enough start, next session in  a fortnight :)

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